CALEIDUINO2.0 is finally here, hot off the press!!!! The team (Marta Verde, Juan Jesús García and José Manuel González) have been working hard for months and we can finally reveal the new version, complete with changes and improvements which make this CALEIDUINO experience even more special. The new version of the sound interactive kaleidoscope, based on Arduino, adopts a simpler assembly process, thanks to less pieces and a simpler assembly manual (PDF). Fabrication costs have also been reduced, as the cardboard tube which contains all of the pieces that make up the kit is also the body of the kaleidoscope.
The circuit board for version 2.0, has completely changed. Instead of a hexagon, it is circular and has smaller dimensions.
Another exciting new development is the possibility of using a visualizer with CALEIDUINO 1.0 and 2.0 (download), programmed using processing, which allows access to the graphics for the kaleidoscope in a very simple way, connecting it via the USB to a computer.
Furthermore, you can download your favourite patterns and print them using your computer, at the touch of a button.
This new version, which has been adapted for children and teenagers with an intermediate skill level, makes CALEIDUINO 2.0 the perfect educational tool for learning about electronics and programming in an entertaining and artistic way.

As Albert Einstein once said,

“Play is the highest form of research”

So, what are you waiting for?

Start playing!